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ArcView 3.x Extensions


ArcView 3.x is not supported on Windows Vista

ArcView 3.x is not supported on Windows Vista and ESRI does not plan to offer any patches to allow it to be supported.

HOWEVER, several people have reported that ArcView 3.x does run on Windows Vista.  There are 2 general problems that I am aware of:

1) ArcView 3.x cannot be "certified" for Windows Vista.  The reason is that the development software used to create ArcView 3.x is obsolete and has not, nor will it ever be, updated to Vista.  Therefore ESRI cannot update ArcView 3.x without rewriting it completely from scratch.

2) The help files do not run on Windows Vista because they require an obsolete version of the help file display program called "WinHlp32.exe".  This program is not included with Windows Vista (see  HOWEVER, you can download this program for free from Microsoft and install it yourself (

THEREFORE, it appears that with a little tweaking, ArcView 3.x will still run under Windows Vista.  It just will not be "certified".

Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate include an option for a Virtual version of Windows XP (called XP Mode).  If your computer hardware can support virtual operating systems, then you can install and run ArcView 3.x just fine in XP mode.

     Jenness Enterprises has created a number of free, custom-built ArcView applications for the ESRI ArcView GIS software.  These extensions are built for ArcView 3.x and written in the Avenue programming language.  They are provided free of charge, but they require that you have access to the ArcView Software.  Enjoy! 

     For users of ArcGIS 9.x, please visit our ArcGIS Tools page for an additional selection of free tools.

     We also offer customized ArcView-based GIS consultation services to help you meet your specific data analysis and application development needs.  Please visit our GIS Consultation page for more details.

Free ArcView 3.x Extensions by Jenness Enterprises

General Analytic Tools

 African Water Resource Database (AWRD):  CIFA 33
       CIFA 33/1:  Concepts and Application Case Studies
       CIFA 33/2:  Technical Manual and Workbook
       AWRD ArcView Extension and Documentation
       AWRD Data
Hosted by FIGIS (Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO)
       ArcView Extension Last Modfiied: July 19, 2007
***  Award Winner:  2nd Place Avenue Application, 2004 ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA, USA.
View AWRD Poster
 Statistics and Probability Distributions (35 kb)
     Statistics Extension Manual (Adobe PDF v. 5 or later, 398 kb)
Last Modfiied: October 12, 2003, Manual slightly modified July 8, 2008

Vector-Based Analytic Tools

 Alternate Animal Movement Routes, v. 2.1 (1.06 mb)
Last Modfiied: April 12, 2005
 Distance/Azimuth Tools, v. 1.6 (264 kb)
Last Modfiied: February 21, 2005
 Distance and Azimuth Matrix, v. 2.1 (178 kb)
Last Modfiied: February 24, 2005
 Center of Mass, v. 1.b (112 kb)
Last Modfiied: September 28, 2006
 Convex Hulls from Points, v. 1.24  (377 kb)
Last Modfiied: February 11, 2008
 Distance/Azimuth between Matched Features, v. 2.1 (469 kb)
Last Modfiied: September 4, 2007
 Identify Features Within Distance (112 kb)
Last Modfiied: August 3, 2003
 Longest Straight Line, v. 1.3a (153 kb)
Last Modfiied: December 5, 2007
 Nearest Features, v. 3.8b (227 kb)
Last Modfiied: February 15, 2007
 Path, with Distances and Bearing, v. 3.2b (430 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 14, 2007
 Radiating Lines and Points v. 1.1 (74 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 7, 2006
 Random Point Generator v. 1.3 (519 kb)
Last Modfiied: February 7, 2005
 Repeating Shapes (1.5 mb)
Last Modfiied: October 31, 2005
 Weighted Mean of Points v. 1.2c (121 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 11, 2004
 3D Weighted Mean of Points, v. 1.2a (181 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 11, 2004

Grid- and Tin-Based Analytic Tools

 Cohen's Kappa and Classification Table Metrics 2.1a  (133 kb)
     Kappa Manual (2.8 mb)
Last Modfiied: December 10, 2007
 Directional Slope (386 kb)
    Directional Slope Manual (377 kb)
Last Modfiied: October 6, 2006
 Grid and Theme Regression, 3.1e (265 kb)
     Regression Manual (4.06 mb)
Last Modfiied: August 29, 2006
 Grid and Theme Projector v. 2 (1.59 mb)
Last Modfiied: February 9, 2004
Download Grid Tools Extension  Grid Tools (Jenness Enterprises) v. 1.7  (2.04 mb)
Last Modfiied: July 9, 2006
 Mahalanobis Distances *** (73 kb)
     Mahalanobis Manual (1.51 mb)
Last Modfiied: December 9, 2003,  Manual Modfiied: May 4, 2004
***  Award Winner:  Best Avenue Application, 2004 ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA, USA.
 Surface Areas and Ratios from Elevation Grid (23 kb)
      Grid Surface Area Manual (Adobe Acrobat 5, 1.0 mb)
Last Modfiied: September 3, 2002,  Manual Modified: November 18, 2004
 Surface Tools for Points, Lines and Polygons, v. 1.6b (913 kb)
Last Modfiied: February 11, 2008
 Topographic Position Index (TPI) v. 1.3a  (2.11 mb)
Last Modfiied: September 15, 2006

Other tools

 ArcPress Exporter (78 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 28, 2004
 Case-Sensitive Queries, v. 1.4 (115 kb)
Last Modfiied: January 2, 2005
 Extension Loader (43 kb)
Last Modfiied: April 15, 2005
 Find Duplicate Shapes or Records (158 kb)
Last Modfiied: October 10, 2005
 Line Direction Tool, v. 2.1 (86 kb)
Last Modfiied: October 10, 2005
 Script and Dialog Tools, v. 2.0016 (1.4 mb)
Last Modfiied: April 2, 2008
 Dissolve Adjacent Polygons, v. 1.8a (116 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 22, 2006
 Progress Meter - Dialog (38 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 27, 2001
 Remove Z/M attributes from Shapes v. 1.1 (89 kb)
Last Modfiied: November 22, 2005
 Split Multipart Features (70 kb)
Last Modfiied: March 1, 2005
 Split Shapefiles, v. 1.4 (46 kb)
Last Modfiied: October 6, 2003

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