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     You may download and install Unit Converter for a free unrestricted 30-day trial period.  During this time Unit Converter will be fully functional with no limitations on it's use.  After 30 days you will be prompted to purchase the license and registration code, which you may do from this web page.  Simply fill out the registration and order information and click the "Calculate" button to figure your total price.  Then, either click on the PayPal button (to pay with a credit or debit card) or follow the instructions for payment via check or money order.  Once we have confirmed your payment, we will e-mail and/or snail-mail you your registration number and invoice, plus any CDs you have ordered.

    Unit Converter is priced at $20.00 (US) per license, with the license applying to either a single person or an individual computer.  We are also offering site licenses for multiple computers with multiple users at a single location at the following rates:

bullet Installation on 6-10 computers: $17.50 per license
bullet Installation on 11-20 computers: $15.00 per license
bullet Installation on 21-50 computers: $12.50 per license
bullet Installation on > 50 computers: $10.00 per license

     You may also order copies of Unit Converter on CD-Rom at an additional cost of $10.00 (plus $2.00 shipping/handling) per CD-Rom.  This cost is in addition to your license fee.

     Please fill out the order form below with the number of licenses and CDs you want.  When you click on the "Calculate" button,  your total cost will be calculated according to the rates described above, and you have the option to either continue to the PayPal credit card service or change your order information.

Unit Converter Orders
Quantity Description
 Unit Converter License(s) 
 Unit Converter on CD
* These questions are used to calculate any tax due.

Please click the "Calculate" button below to figure your total price:

Calculated Total Cost (US Dollars)
Count Item Cost Per Item Total Cost
 Unit Converter License(s) 
 Copies of Unit Converter on CD  $10.00
Tax (sales within Arizona only)     8.126%
 Shipping and Handling for CDs  $2.00
Total Cost 

To Pay by Credit or Debit Card:  

     We use the PayPal Credit Card Service.  You may find them awkward the first time you use them because they require you to sign up, get a password and log in with them before you can use their service.  However, they have a very good reputation and they are widely used across the internet.  If you're interested, you can review their Press Center or a read a CNET review to learn more about them.

To pay by Check or Money Order,
please follow these instructions:
  1. Fill out the following fields with your name and address information.
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  1. Print out this web page by hitting the "Print" key on your web browser.

  2. Mail the printed form, along with a check or money order for the calculated amount, to:

Jenness Enterprises
3020 N. Schevene Blvd.
Flagstaff, AZ  86004

     Thank you for your interest in Unit Converter!  Please contact the author if you have problems or if you have questions.


     Privacy Policy:  Under no circumstances will Jenness Enterprises release your information to anyone.  We need your name, shipping address and E-mail address in order to e-mail and/or snail-mail you your registration number and invoice.   We are also curious to know where our products are being used.  Otherwise, we have no plans to contact you or annoy you with offers, and we will not release your information to any third party.

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