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     Unit Converter enables you to convert from over 1,000 different units of Area, Basal Area (Forestry), Circular, Circular Area, dbh (Forestry), Energy/Work, Flow, Force, Length, Power, Pressure/Stress, Temperature, Time, Velocity, Volume, and Weight/Mass, for a total of over 100,000 possible conversions.  You can also add your own units and measurement classes to customize this software to your own needs.  Unit Converter comes with a number of features designed to increase the functionality and ease of use for the user:  


Save Two Conversions:  Because of the large number of possible measurement units to choose from, this software could possibly be awkward to use if you generally only use one or two conversions.  Therefore this software allows you to save two conversions ([i.e. Degrees Fahrenheit à   Degrees Celsius] or [miles per hourà   kilometers per hour]) as default settings right on the screen, so that your desired input and output units can be selected with a single click of a button.  Unit Converter saves a file called "conv_def.txt" in the same folder with Unit Converter which contains these default values.  If this file becomes corrupted somehow, you can reset it using the "Clear Defaults" menu item under the "File" menu. 


One-to-One Conversions:   A box in the lower left side of the program gives one-to-one conversions of the units you select.  For example, if you were interested in converting 640 acres to hectares, this One-to-One Conversion Box would give you the number of acres per 1 hectare and the number of hectares per 1 acre.  The OUTPUT box would give you the number of hectares per 640 acres. 


Decimal vs. Scientific Notation:   Unit Converter uses both Decimal and Scientific Notation and you can view the output in either format. 


Fractional Notation:  You can enter fractions into the input box.  For example, if you type "1/4" and hit the "Convert" button, "1/4" will change to "0.25" and the conversion will be carried out.  To enter whole units plus a fraction (i.e. "5 and 1/8"), separate the whole unit from the fraction by a space.  In other words, "5 and 1/8" should be entered as "5 [space] 1/8", or literally “5 1/8".  This would then convert to 5.125 before the unit conversion takes place. 


Definitions of Units:  In case you wonder what exactly a “pottle” or “woodland-measure” is, all measurement units used by Unit Converter have definitions associated with them. You can view the definition by either opening up a definition window from the menu options or by right-clicking on the Input or Output Unit boxes.  Once the definition box is open, the definition will change as you select different units. 


30-Day Free Trial:  Unit Converter can be used free-of-charge with no restrictions for the first thirty days following installation.  After this period you will be prompted to pay the $20.00 (US) fee for the software.  We hope that 30 days will be enough to convince you that Unit Converter is both useful and fun, and easily worth the $20.00 purchase price.  Site licenses and licenses for multiple computers/multiple users are also available.  Please view our Purchase page for more information on site licensing and pricing.

Enjoy!  If you have any problems, please contact the author at: 

            Jeff Jenness                                   jeffj@jennessent.com

            3020 N. Schevene Blvd.

            Flagstaff, AZ  86004