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Export to Circuitscape

Last Modified:   Revision 1.0.87, March 15, 2010

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On-Line Manuals

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 Export to Circuitscape Tool for ArcGIS 9.x (2.9 MB)

Export to Circuitscape Tool for ArcGIS 10 (3.0 MB)

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Download Export to Circuitscape Tool Raw Code Files (Visual Basic 6 project file, 3.4 MB)

This ArcGIS extension is a stand-alone tool that works independently of Circuitscape, but it is designed specifically to export data suitable for analysis in Circuitscape.  Please visit the Circuitscape website at

Author:  Jeff Jenness

Wildlife Biologist, GIS Analyst

Jenness Enterprises

3020 N. Schevene Blvd.

Flagstaff, AZ, 86004   USA

(928) 607-4638 

This tool will export multiple ArcGIS vector and raster data into one or more ASCII rasters, with identical cell sizes and extents, and with all datasets in the same spatial reference.  Such datasets are then suitable for analysis in Circuitscape (see or general statistical software packages such as R ( Circuitscape requires data in ASCII raster format, with identical cell sizes and extents, and with all datasets in the same spatial reference. This tool will reproject and resize all rasters to match a template raster, and export all ASCII rasters to a specified directory.

Optionally you may choose to export only those portions of a raster that lie within polygons of a polygon layer. This may be the case if you wish to analyze connectivity within a particular corridor polygon.

Requires:  Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 9.1 or better (at any license level) or ArcGIS 10.

For detailed instructions on installation and operation, view the on-line PDF version of Export to Circuitscape Tool Manual        


Version 1.0

bulletBuild 1.0.87 (March 15, 2010)
bulletInitial Release
bulletAdded ArcGIS 10 Installer on November 9, 2010
bulletAdded additional installation functions and instructions for Windows 7/Vista and 32-bit/64-bit Windows on March 14, 2011.

Enjoy! Please contact the author if you have problems or find bugs.

            Jeff Jenness                            

            Jenness Enterprises                

            3020 N. Schevene Blvd.                     (928) 607-4638

            Flagstaff, AZ  86004


Please visit Jenness Enterprises ArcGIS Tools site for more ArcGIS tools and other software by the author. We also offer GIS consultation services for both ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x to help you meet your specific data analysis and application development needs.